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Weenies with this Setup

Unframed map of Dereth (20197)
Toberik's Report (28499)
Healing Machine Recipe (28754)
Trade Contacts (28756)
Renald the Eldest Trade Proposal (28845)
Renald the Eldest Refusal (28846)
Gonjoku Den Trade Proposal (28854)
Lubziklan al-Luq Trade Proposal (28855)
Note to Baijin (30397)
Thrungus Hovel Locations (31221)
Journal of High Archon Kraest (31414)
Journal of High Archon Kraest (31416)
Official Agents of the Arcanum Notice (31661)
High Archon Kraest's Instructions (33140)
Isin Dule's Instructions (33159)
Letter to Renald the Eldest, from Larinne Kerendova (33926)
Letter to Turien Di Furza, from Larinne Kerendova (33927)
Letter to Nen Ai, from Larinne Kerendova (33928)
Letter to May'ad ibn Ibsar, from Larinne Kerendova (33929)
May'ad ibn Ibsar's Reply (33931)
Nen Ai's Reply (33932)
Renald the Eldest's Reply (33933)
Turien Di Furza's Reply (33934)
Invitation to the Battle Burrows (37088)
Scroll of Prophecy (38246)
Celestial Hand Initiate Armor Writ (38392)
Eldrytch Web Initiate Armor Writ (38393)
Radiant Blood Initiate Armor Writ (38394)
Celestial Hand Armor Writ (38544)
Eldrytch Web Armor Writ (38545)
Radiant Blood Armor Writ (38546)
Writ of Authorization (38721)
Encrusted Scroll Case (40527)
Bloodstone Report (43807)
Carefully rolled scroll (43808)
Sealed Scroll for Commander Presk (51921)
Sealed Scroll for Raksaa (51922)

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Applicable Clothing Table entries for this Setup

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